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Sea-Legs is the number one motion sickness treatment in New Zealand. However, Due to the naming convention, it is closely linked to sea travel and not always considered for other modes of transport.

<p><strong>Spruik was challenged to come up with new campaign creative to debunk that perception.</strong></p> <p>Expanding the total number of Sea-Legs consumers by appealing to all forms of motion sickness – car, train, plane and even gondola’s!</p> <p><strong>Life is about the journey, not the destination.</strong></p> <p>Each holiday, weekend get-away, or visit to family starts with the journey. Some find this stage of the adventure exciting and want to savour each moment. For those who suffer from travel sickness themselves, or have family members who do, it can be painfully long and uncomfortable. Especially when the person suffering is one of the smaller members of the family.</p> <p>For a trip to be truly enjoyed by all, everyone needs to feel good – and so they should!</p> <p>Our design response was centred around evoking the emotional thrill of going on a trip. A light-hearted concept that allows everyone to celebrate the journey, in turn representing the positive affect Sea-Legs can have.</p> <p>We loved bringing this concept to life with animation. Using well-loved sights and sounds, we evoke the nostalgia of those great New Zealand road trip’s. With a play on a utopian ideal, we allow the intrepid traveller to be brought out in each and every one of us.</p> <p>With our visual approach we were able to combine a variety of transport to answer the clients brief and broaden product association.</p> <p>ATL media placements include billboards, <a href="" target="_blank" rel="noopener">Air New Zealand In-flight Entertainment</a>. There is also a targeted digital strategy to the campaign along with print collateral including in-store point of sale posters and sales presenters.</p>
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