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We work with businesses to understand their audience, competition and where they fit into that ecosystem. We look to build on strengths within the business and uncover opportunities to differentiate their brand and increase traction in their market.



“If you don’t give the market the story to talk about, they’ll define your brand’s story for you.”


Business Positioning

At the core of a brand is its positioning. This is what gives context and meaning to its target audiences. Get your brand positioning wrong and all subsequent marketing struggles to gain traction, whereas if you find the sweet spot you create a connection that can transcend reason. We will work with you to develope a strong brand position enabling your business to achieve goals, grow and stay at the forefront of your industry.

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Customer Insights

An integral part of our design process focuses on customer segmentation mapped to customer personas. This creates a clear picture of a brand’s target market enabling us to run user scenarios, which create a comprehensive picture of how customers experience and interact with your brand. We are then able to pinpoint areas in which we can improve the customer journey across all brand touch-points.

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Channel Mapping

Understanding exactly what you are selling, who uses it and the places they frequent both offline and online is vital. This means that budget can be spent on not only the right media, but also building the right kind of brand messaging to engage with your audience. Pinpointing the correct channels is an absolute prerequisite for success and every business has different requirements. It’s got to fit and it’s got to work.

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Revenue Segmentation

One of the most empowering insights often gained from a formalised strategy process is to understand why some client segments are more profitable to your company’s business than others. We look to pinpoint the best customer prospects and refine communications to resonate with that audience, creating opportunities that lead to higher conversions, faster sales and larger spend.

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