The challenge.

The Hauraki Gulf has huge importance to Auckland communities. For many, the Gulf is the symbol of the city. But it is far from pristine. It needs protection. As part of Auckland Foundation’s new strategy, which has a strong focus on strategic partnerships, the Hauraki Gulf Regeneration Fund was established to enable generous Aucklanders and New Zealanders to support vital work being done to restore the health of this special habitat.

The long-term goal of the programme is to restore 1,000 square kilometres of shellfish beds and reefs to their former glory. Auckland Foundation is to act as the NZ fundraising lead, as well as actively participate in promotion and education. As part of this promotion, Spruik was tasked with developing a landing page to capture donations, along with producing marketing collateral to help facilitate, educate and attract the right audience to participate in the ambitious efforts set out by the programme.










The solution.

The solution.

Every piece of marketing collateral needed to be inline with the overarching Auckland Foundation brand, but also needed to provide the fund a distinctive visual language and tone of voice. Working closely with the team at Auckland Foundation, we crafted clear and concise copy that would grab the attention of their audience and help tell the story of the Hauraki Gulf Regeneration Fund. This copy was used throughout all marketing material, including the website landing page.

Copy was coupled with statistic based infographics, unique icons and an individual colour palette, creating visual interest while also educating the audience. The website landing page was housed within the main Auckland Foundation website, featured carefully considered imagery to create the most impact and large call to action buttons to encourage donations.

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