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‘A world away’, ‘art at scale’, ‘outstanding’ and ‘majestic animals’ were just some of the thoughts expressed by the Spruik team as we took the time to reflect on our trip to Gibbs Farm. With beautifully contoured land, strategically placed sculptures nestled in the landscape and the juxtaposition of these vast, still sculptures with the myriad of wildlife roaming around, Gibbs Farm is nothing short of breathtaking.

Gibbs Montage


‘The Floating Island of Immortals’ by Zhang Wang, ‘Dismemberment’ by Anish Kapoor and ‘Te Tuhirangi Contourwere’ by Richard Serra were a few of our favourite sculptures – phenomenal at any scale but they were exceptionally breathtaking from a distance where their size and dominance within the environment was truly appreciated. As you explore Gibbs Farm (at whatever pace you desire) you can’t help but be thankful for philanthropists like Alan Gibb that had a vision 20 years ago to create a special place for anyone and everyone to enjoy.


Gibbs Trumpet


Keita was so inspired by the whole experience that the only way she could express all of her thoughts was with an acrostic poem, as featured below. We think it’s pretty neat and wonder if she missed her calling as a poet (maybe, maybe not)!

Gazing up at the amazing rusty coloured sculpture,
Incredible views out over the Kaipara Harbour,
Becoming an avid art critic overnight,
Beautiful rolling hills, freshly mown grass,
Staring at the G-raffes in awe at the majestic animals, my favourite part of the day,

Following the Alpaca’s around the farm for a photo (Mel),
Are the Green and White Fence Posts really a sculpture?
Roaming Ostriches, a nightmare for some,
Might need to go and visit the giraffes again.




In the end I think we all agreed with Kathryn’s opinion that the reality of what we experienced exceeded the anticipation and Gibbs Farm is a world-class art experience that everyone should go and visit!

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– Katala Randell