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Like Colonel Sanders, we have 11 secret* ingredients.

Fried Chicken


2018 will be our 18th year in business and I am proud to say we have developed some rewarding and longstanding relationships that go right back to when we first opened for business in 2000. To this day, 90% of our new business comes from referrals, something that only comes from doing the right things, right, over an extended period of time.

At the core of what we do is the understanding that clients hire us primarily to solve business problems and that agency/client interaction should be transparent and a mutually rewarding, value focussed experience.

To us, great agency/client relationships are based on the following 11 key ingredients;

  1. Being transparent at all times
  2. Understanding the brief, this means developing the brief with the client if required
  3. Plan projects in advance. Thorough preparation and documentation at the outset
  4. Being mindful of the ultimate aims of the project
  5. Managing expectations accurately
  6. Being proactive in making constructive suggestions
  7. Giving clients insight in to the process
  8. Making feedback easy and checking back on amendments
  9. Providing updates regularly – communicate, communicate, communicate
  10. Provide achievable timings
  11. Ensuring that details are considered and addressed

While understanding that accurate delivery is as important as providing clear feedback, we are mindful that these are just two of the secret* ingredients and that it takes the other nine to make it satisfying for the customer and motivating for them to come back for more… just like the Colonel.

*Not so secret anymore.

– Jon Dunn.