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Kathryn Dunn
General Manager


My focus is creating strong lasting partnerships with our clients. I love nothing more than galvanizing the client, as well as the Spruik team, to get behind the strategy and work together to develop winning ideas that deliver real world results for our clients.

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Jon Dunn


My role is focussed on working with our team of super-bright thinkers and producers who are passionate about creating transformational experiences for our clients. As an entrepreneur myself, I understand the core goals of being in business and what it really takes.This means I bring a unique mix of skills, insights and experience when working on our clients marketing challenges.


Mel Laing
Account Manager


Since joining Spruik, I’ve had the chance to work on some pretty exciting projects. From our client list of small start-ups through to established consumer brands, I love the opportunity to work with switched-on clients who recognise that quality design is the X factor and that good account management is more art than science.
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Katala Randell
Lead Designer


For me the love of design stems from my love of ideas. Ideas are what drive this wonderfully diverse industry and my goal is to always achieve the desired results through clever, well-developed, beautifully crafted thoughts that transcend the medium.


Keita Haven
Fulfillment Co-ordinator


Nice people and organisation, two things which make me extremely happy, and two things that are in abundance at Spruik. No organisational challenge is outside of my capabilities – accounts, couriers, paper-clip containers – you name it and I’ll organise it.